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Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight

Vývojáři In-house
VydavatelHidden Sanctum
Typ hrySamostatná hra
LicencePlacená hra - porovnat ceny eshopů
MultiplayerSíť (COOP mód)
Datum vydání2020
Popis PC hry Pieces of Eight
Pieces of Eight is a VR pirate combat and exploration game. You can sail massive galleons to plunder ships, complete quests, and explore the massive 4km world, filled with towns, caves, massive ocean cliffs, coral reefs, and more. It is an excellent combination of a VR experience with a VR game.The game currently features: -Stunning graphics with 4k textures, partial dynamic lighting, dynamic weather and storms, high quality reflections, and a massive 4km world.-Jump into the world with your friends and explore together.-Climb, swing, and jump obstacles to get to your opponent. -Kick doors down, or use your swords and guns or bow and arrow to defend yourself.-Fight or meet AI that attack, patrol, idle, talk, dance, and even parkour.-Ambient life, including fish and birds-Steerable ships to navigate water (NPC ships coming soon)Characters (Prototypes):Captain Simuel:An avid sailor who turned sour over the loss of his leg. His mobility may be limited, but he makes up for this with heavy firepower, and his parrot to scout far distances ahead.Assassin:An Assassin who fled South America with a massive bounty on her head. She found refuge in a pirate village, and became loyal to pirates ever since.Butcher:A friendly man in town, who is known for his missing hand, which he replaced with a hook.... or whatever he can attach to his arm.Múireann:If her accent didn't give it away, no one would have ever known the origin of this Irish lady. Swept into shore by the ocean, she was named Muireann, after being called "a mermaid". She is qui... (Zobrazit celý text)

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Screen Pieces of Eight

Screen Pieces of Eight

Screen Pieces of Eight

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